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Sekou Gassama Committed to Pepperdine

Sekou, a senior from De Smet has committed to playing basketball at Pepperdine.

Upcoming Games
Arch Elite Showcase St. Louis, MO 5/21/2021-5/23/2021
Prep Hoops Grind Region Memorial Classic Kansas City, MO 5/28/2021-5/30/2021
UAA MDW Indianapolis, IN 5/29/2021-5/31/2021
Under Armour Session 1 Atlanta, GA 7/8/2021-7/11/2021
Prep Hoops, The Platform Birmingham, AL 7/8/2021-7/11/2021
Under Armour Session 2 Frisco, TX 7/15/2021-7/18/2021
Three Stripes Alliance St. Louis, MO 7/23/2021-7/25/2021
UAA Finals Indianapolis, IN 7/23/2021-7/25/2021