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Luke Wetzel #24

Hgt: 5' 8" Wgt: 140 lbs. Grad Year: 2019 Positions: PG, SG
Extra Information
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
School: Westminste MS/ High School Undecided
GPA: 3.75

Luke is a lifetime basketball player as he started playing organized basketball at the age of 4. He posses outstanding ball handling skills, exceptional speed and quickness, and thanks to Gateway basketball, Luke has an extraordinary basketball IQ. His ability to see the court, direct the offense and attack the basket and knock down the three point shot are some of Luke's skills he has learned as a four year member of the club. Additionally, Luke's work ethic and off court conditioning help him to excel for four quarters of the game.As Luke's body continues to grow, his strength and power are beginning to make him a wolf on the court.

Luke is a multi-sport athlete who excels at everything he works towards. He also plays Club Lacrosse, Club and School Football, Club Baseball and Elite Club Soccer; all at the select/travel level.level.

Upcoming Events
Show Me Showdown/Prep Hoops Circuit St. Louis, MO 5/24/2019-5/26/2019
UA Rise Finals Lake Point Pavilion - Emerson, GA 7/11/2019-7/14/2019
3 Stripes Alliance St. Louis, MO 7/19/2019-7/21/2019